Mano Radema

Mano Radema

Mano works at PBLQ and gives advice about new technology, smart concepts and makes scenarios about the future. Worked at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Has built a bicycle courier company and sold it (Randstad). Was Manager Starters at KVK NL and had put the starters day on the marker. He was also a finalist in the city initiative  of Rotterdam and helps children in




Has been manager starters of the Chamber of Commerce NL and has put the starterdag in the market.

Was a finalist in the city of Rotterdam initiative and stand for election

Helps children in south with S. V. GIO

Versatile so ….


Is manager starters van de kvk NL geweest en heeft de starterdag in de markt gezet.

Was finalist van het stadsinitiatief Rotterdam en verkiesbaar

Helpt kinderen op zuid met S.V. GIO

Veelzijdig dus….