The company was born on a mission for tasks to be made easier and safer in the Autonomous Maritime world. Their areas of expertise include Unmanned Marine Surface Vehicles (UMSV), Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV), vessel command control technology, Navigational instruments and telemetry systems which will revolutionise the future at your finger tips. To sum up “Boat In A Box” is the one line that describes their indigenous technology appropriately.


RadiantFleet is a web based software for Crew and Fleet Management. They offer a platform that connects worldwide the Crew Managers with their partners, ship owners and crew. This way the interaction and workflow between the partners is easy, efficient and transparent. With the use of the RadiantFleet software the information is structured and visualized. The requirements for crew certificates, timelines, crew payroll and budgets can be set and easily monitored through the graphical Dashboard and Planner.

Njord Power

Njord Power is an innovative ‘One Stop Shop’ for optimizing and keeping fuel oils and other liquids in excellent condition. Today’s diesel fuel produces a lot of soot, NOx and CO2 as diesel fuel forms sediments over time. The application of their systems is mainly where fuel is stored over longer time periods such as Emergency Power, Mining and Super Yachts. Our mission is to reduce fuel consumption and to enable companies to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. We see a Njord Fuel Treatment System on every liquid fuel engine.

We offer applications to support with the provision of medical care at sea. Our MedAssist. online Skills app uses HD photo and video and is available on- and offline. It works anytime and anywhere around the globe: simple, robust and availabe in 25 languages. Our Sensor app uses sensor data to collect objective measurements on vital parameters and makes them available to any doctor or radio medical service.



McNetiq has developed a way of making safe connections with magnets. Until now, it was not possible to see the effective force of a magnet when it is used on variable surfaces. With the Controlock technology, it becomes possible to test and measure the load-bearing capacity and the sliding force of a magnet. This is the main condition for a safe attachment. The Controlock magnet can be a calculable and reliable connection anchor for many environments such as the safe execution of service and repairs in steel environments.


“ECoFlo” (Waterless Urinal Waste Trap System) can be fitted to nearly any existing urinal. One Waterless Cartridge equipped urinal saves on average between 80,000 – 150,000 litres of water per year. The “Urine Diversion” is a hygienic process of keeping human urine separate from the rest of the wastewater stream. Collected urine is converted to Urea or used directly as a fertilizer,“Crystal Gold” (Bio Friendly Fertilizer). Urine contains 80-85% of the nitrogen and 66% of the phosphorus that we flush away each day.


Green Sea Guard

Green Sea Guard provides a system to track ship exhaust emissions, transmitting data collected from the ship’s exhaust, and sending it to a secure server. The data is transmitted to authorised port authorities, coastguards and shipowners. This is done by placing an analyser on board a ship in a tamper-resistant enclosure.

Feo AR

Augmented Reality platform to supercharge engineers on board of vessels with an extra pair of eyes, brains and memory. Augmented Reality creates a digital layer of information and ensures that information is available on demand via smart devices, this is pushed to the smart-ware through our software platform Gem Vision.


Parable creates immersive learning solutions for safety training using virtual reality. The learning solution is Single Player Observational Learning as well as Asymmetric & Symmetric Multiplayer Learning.Their solution improves existing safety training programs in the maritime industry using the immersive learning technology virtual reality.


4shipping provides a chartering app specific for inland waterway transport. The app provides direct insight in the cargoes that need to be transported (bulk, general cargo or containers), supply and demand; skippers actively bid on cargoes and the information required during transport. The app saves time and money through direct and quick communication.


RanMarine’s first product launch fulfills waste collection from Port and harbor waters. The USP is the 24/7 ability to do this via Autonomous Water Drones, which operate on solar and battery power. Interconnected and linked to the Port Authorities command center the drones are capable of constant surface waste collection and disposal.


AquaSmartXL provides you with an additional pair of eyes on the water. Our small-sized aquatic drone helps observe assets as well as the surrounding environment on a regular basis and at locations where conventional technologies can not be applied.The AquaDrone can complement or even replace visual inspections and provide additional information such as 3D models. With our AquaDrone system we can save time, reduce costs and improve safety.


Fibersail is a shape sensing system, based on fiber optic sensors that turn critical into smart structures, aimed to improve performance, prevent failures and better understand of the behavior and condition for renewable energy, and maritime industries.


10XL has a new production concept, the XL hybrid manufacturing. In this hybrid concept two techniques are combined, 3D printing and CNC cutting. Firstly, we will print extremely thick layers to achieve great build-up speeds. Then, we use robotic CNC cutting to shape the final product. Surface quality is perfect. Therefore, no paint needs to be applied and models can be reused.


The Universal Container Locking System (UCLS) is an automated, fully integrated twistlock system for shipping containers. UCLS is an automated twistlock solution designed by terminal operators who personally dealt with the injuries and inefficiencies caused by the twistlock handling process on a daily basis.


Pingle is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the busy work of managing credentials for the maritime industry and connects industry professionals, training course providers and companies on one platform. It ensures real-time compliance of professional credentials through software automation and verification.


SailRouter is a desktop and cloud application that helps ship owners to reduce fuel consumption by using machine feedback. SailRouter uses an inertial sensor together with a unique machine feedback algorithm to measure waves. SailRouter is the only solution that enables monitoring of real ship behavior on waves and it creates a database with real ship performances. is an operations management platform for ships and ports, combined with the insight and notifications of any modern application. PortCall captures, connects, and conveys real-time information about changing port operations.


XYZ is a Laser Scanning company that provides accurate (up to 1mm) drawings & 3D models. With an extra day we can provide a virtual tour of each vessel. The user -from their desk- finds himself virtually anywhere on the vessel, can measure whatever is needed and can take decisions on the installation of new systems.


Lotebox provides all-online freight forwarding services to manage and organize all information in the supply chain process, increasing the efficiency of companies with a daily-job platform. Lotebox works with a machine-learning platform that analyses the behavior to connect transportation needs with the best logistic solution.


VesselBot is a software marketplace matching vessels, destinations and cargo with just a few clicks. Our unique algorithm seamlessly matches the best possible counterparts taking into consideration a number of technical, geographical, financial as well as commercial variables, and provides the two parties with proposals of the best matches they could cooperate with.