Drive maritime innovation in Antwerp

Specialised focus on Belgium ecosystem

The Antwerp program acts as a local acceleration hub, and is centred around building client relations in the local ecosystem and matching scale-ups with our partners. This is why we focus on lead generation.

Belgian & global maritime network

Leverage our deep maritime network to discover a previously uncharted sea of opportunities with PortXL’s mentors, industry experts, partners and alumni – not just in Belgium, but all over the world.

Scale-ups we're looking for

We aim for B2B scale-ups with relevance to the maritime sector and proactively look for:

1. Platforms, technologies, and services that are applicable to the maritime sector, and have a tangible impact on the short-to-medium term for the supply chain processes of our partners.

2. Companies that have a product, and may offer product customisation/consulting as a subservice or offering.

3. Companies that are not yet active in the maritime sector, but whose potential impact can be assessed (e.g. Artificial Reality, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Drones).

Qualifying Criteria

  • A Scalable Maritime Proposition
    Only scale-ups that offer a scalable, port-related proposition or working prototype with a +/- 12 month Go-To-Market timeline, or scaleups with a working product are eligible. We do not select companies whose core offerings are consulting or project management services.
  • Not more than 10 years
    Scaleups must not be incorporated for more than 10 years.

How Antwerp differs from Rotterdam and Singapore

Compared to Rotterdam and Singapore’s global 3-month program, Antwerp’s business fast-track program consists of 10 days (spread over a period of 3 months), with a special focus on validating use-case and generating client leads. Antwerp is running only the business fast track whereas Rotterdam is running both the acceleration &  business fast track program. 

Local hub (Antwerp) International hub (Rotterdam/ Singapore)
Partner lead generation
Start-up acceleration and partner lead generation
Three months, 1 full time kick-off week, followed by fortnightly follow-up sessions of on average of 4 hours per week
Three months, and attendance is required for all sessions
Q3/ Q4 2019
Q1/Q2 2019
Investment from startup
One-off Fee
One-off Fee


  • March 2019: Applications open
    Assess maritime-sector relevance and qualification criteria of scaleups.
  • August 2019: Applications Close
    Shortlisted scaleups are invited to Selection Day in Antwerp.
  • Early September 2019: Selection Day
    Scaleups and corporates are introduced. A final list of startups are invited to join the Antwerp program.
  • Last Week of September 2019: Kick-Off Week
    Develop use-cases in preparation for pilot projects.
  • October 2019 - December 2019: Use-Case Program
    Embark on testing of use cases with partners.
  • December 2019: Close Event
    Finalise pilot projects and partnerships between scaleups and partners.

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Cees-Willem Koorneef
Director PortXL Antwerp

Sven Goyvaerts
Program Manager

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