Discover with us the best worldwide maritime start-ups & scale-ups and find out who will be accepted into the 2021 PortXL Rotterdam Cohort at PortXL Selection Days
Tuesday June 22 2021 | 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM UTC+2 | Online Event
Wednesday June 23 2021 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM UTC+2 | Online Event

Join PortXL Rotterdam for the 2021 Selection Days

In two* intense days the ecosystem will select which start-ups & scale-ups will take part in the 2021 PortXL Rotterdam program. A three-month intense accelerator / business fast track program awaits the selected ones.

This will be the 6th year of PortXL operations in Rotterdam, where our world port accelerator initially set sail on its mission to drive innovation globally in green energy, logistics, maritime & process industry.

*Note: The Selection Days happen over two days, 22nd & 23rd of June. However, the 23rd is open only for the PortXL industry partners to dedicate to the scale-up applicants in order to explore which ones are best suited to explore use cases with. The 22nd is open to the entire PortXL ecosystem to evaluate both start-up and scale-up applicants.

The final announcements at 4pm on the 23rd are open to all.

Full agenda listed below. All times are in the Rotterdam/CEST/UTC+2 timezone.

The event will be conducted through the platform Network Tables. All attendees will receive instructions via email prior to that. If you would like to attend, please send us an email via the above link.

Maritime Startup Pitches

Be exposed to innovative maritime tech start-ups and scale-ups which are transforming the 4 maritime sectors of green energy, logistics, maritime & process industry.

Networking Opportunities

Meet maritime executives, start-up founders and potential investors from all around the world during our networking sessions.

Meet the participants

Acua Ocean

They have designed a versatile carbon-neutral uncrewed surface vessel (USV) powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Developing AI driven sensor fusion solutions to improve anomaly and threat detection and decision-making.


Biofouling management platform of ships. Offers features like automatic information system (AIS) integration, automatic alerts to notify about the fuel consumption, online training and certification for the crew, cloud-based interface biofouling management plan.


Water cleaning vessels that are able to clean up garbage and microplastics from waterways, collecting up to half a millimeter-sized particles, and as much as 200 cubic meters of biomass per hour.


Innovative approach to set up solar power plants on water, saving valuable land space. The technology allows to reduce CAPEX, increase energy generation efficiency and to contribute to CO2 emission reduction goals.

Marlin AI

AI-enabled intermodal shipping solutions. The company offers solutions to manage inland expansion, road transportation, real-time visibility and pricing automation.


Artificial reef structures that enhance marine life recovery and together with nature, dissipate wave energy to protect the coastline from erosion and flooding.


On-board crew safety and data system. The system will be able to locate and alert a superior in case of an emergency or accident of any crewmember. As a result, the time from accident to intervention will be reduced from an average of 8 hours to 0-15 minutes.


Aims to improve human-machine interaction by using new technologies. The company improves their customers’ performance by adopting new technologies such as AR and data analytics.


They provide port, coastal and offshore services using their own autonomous and remotely operated unmanned surface vehicles. Their technology significantly reduces the environmental impact, operational costs and risks to human life.


Dedicated to the identification, traceability and monitoring of assets in operational processes. Their software automatically processes the images taken by a mobile or fixed camera and provides the digital extraction of the valuable information, to be integrated into the existing management system

Breeze Technologies

Technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data and air quality analytics software. The company leverages IoT & AI to help cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more livable environment.


Enterprise data management and integration platform. It is an all-in-one data platform with built-in tools for data-quality monitoring.

Fregata Space

Machine Learning as a Service (SaaS) platform for Earth observation that integrates multiple data sets, including satellite imagery and other data sources. Their warning systems detects pollutants, oil and chemical spills, elevated levels of nutrients in the sea, and the spread of invasive plant or fish species in real time.

H3 Dynamics

Their technology takes vast amounts of complex image, video, LiDAR, and other sensor data into intelligent, expert-validated inspection reports as a cloud-based service. In addition, they have developed a propriety drone docking station called DBX to offer completely autonomous drone operations.


Their precise and exclusive hyperlocal models offer knowledge in advance about the condition of tides, currents, waves, winds and precipitation for an interest area. It also offers smart dredging management by enabling planning ahead the dredging with the identification of erosion and accretion hotspots within the port terminal’s area.

LexX Technologies

Digital intelligence for optimized maintenance. They enable their clients to achieve optimal availability and efficiency from their critical business assets by leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Mental Health Support Systems

Mental Health Support Solutions’ qualified team of psychologists support and provide solutions to individuals and companies through 24/7 hotline, trainings/seminars which they create/deliver, onsite interventions they perform, or the technology-led approaches they use to prevent mental health issues before they arise.


Navigine provide businesses with navigation and tracking capabilities inside buildings independent of the external environment. They reach accuracy through the available data like smartphones’ gyroscopes, accelerometers, a compass, a barometer, BLE/Wi-Fi/GSM signals and processing it with their proprietary patent pending algorithms.


Improving safety around wharves and quay walls with LifeLadder, which is visible, durable, versatile, sustainable, and economic. LifeLadder has a significantly lower weight than the traditional alternative and is easy to handle and install. It is maintenance-free, and its UV-stable plastic modules will never corrode.


Their smartly balanced heave compensation systems can help to reduce heave motions and set down-velocities by up to 95%. This reduces energy waste, hardware costs and size, operating spent, weight and footprint.


Cloud-based low code/no-code solution incorporating a platform and an app, with a clear dashboard, clean reports, and properly integrated data. The Connected Worker SaaS solution makes the technology transition more comfortable due to user experience compliance, which makes adding process data and asset health information an easy task.

Water Insight

Portable water quality spectrometer that can operate as a handheld instrument, which scans surface water quality & measures reflectance of water using radiometers. The optical signal is processed to determine water quality indicators such as chlorophyll & suspended matter. Satellite data can be used to monitor the suspended material over time as effect of dredging and construction works.


Collaborative platform that manages, analyzes and selectively shares supply chain data, compatible with measuring equipment, data loggers and management, logistics and quality software already in use. This way, it delivers support for decisions about track & trace, temperature and supply chain visibility data.


Asset monitoring platform for collecting and analyzing data from IoT sensors (in any technical format) that are installed in fixed and mobile infrastructure and supply chain components. The platform is typically used by utilities, grid managers and infrastructure or asset dependent companies for asset health monitoring.


Technology systems for removing Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from land & water sources. It uses sorbent polymer extraction and remediation system abbreviated as SPEARS, a NASA technology which absorbs and traps harmful contaminants limiting the threat of toxin re-suspension.

Sensor Technologies

Remote sensor developer and inspection tool developer for the use on Fibre ropes. Algorithms are based on time of flight principle and are calculated by looking at several factors such as Velocity, Absorption, Reflection, Propagation and Amplitude.


They integrate all data sources inside and outside of your organization on a fast and agile manner by applying an open standard (=Data Vault 2.0) and guided automation instead of losing time in developing the data integration process manually.


Due to the mobile substructure of the emove, sustainable solar panels can be installed, without a foundation, around, for example, high-voltage pylons and wind turbines and on contaminated soil and pipeline routes. Another great advantage is that the application for a permit is very simple due to the construction on wheels.

Meet Roger

With Roger, you can organize and manage your entire internal communication via one centralized dashboard. Collaborate with the team, create, plan & approve messages in one digital collaboration hub.

Seoul Robotics

Seoul Robotics helps computers to understand 3D data in real-time. Our core technology is applying state of the art Deep Learning with our own patented 3D computer vision technology to provide the most accurate and robust perception software for LiDAR and 3D sensors.