Everyone loves windpower, but not in their backyard. Reasons: too big, ugly, risk of falling wings, noisy. We provide a medium height windpower system with a low noise level, which looks appealing and has a much smaller risk contour. Our windpower system can be installed in places where tradtional wind turbines are not accepted and solar is often the only available sustainable power source.

Sustainable energy

Ordering bunkers (fuel) is a time-consuming operation where you have to deal with lack of information. We create an accessible and transparent bunker market. We provide direct access to the bunker market by starting a live bidding between physical suppliers at the buyer’s request. Bunker Connect eliminates transaction costs and provides full information and access to all market participants.

Digitalisation bunkering

With CargoLedger we will make the supply chain paperless, provide immutable data and we will provide instant settlement and payment. The quality of the data will drastically improve with all relevant data securely stored with blockchain. Audits and controls will be automated. This will lead to a significant lower TCO of IT and less manual work across the supply chain.


DockTech is a water depth analysis platform that gives the port authorities an all-in-one, user-friendly system that enables the port to plan the maintenance activities at the lowest possible costs. Our solution is based on connecting every echo-sounder carrying service vessel to a cloud-based service, collecting and combining depth data, and processing with image processing and AI algorithms.

Predictive maintenance

ECOncrete® technology provides sustainable solutions for construction of ecologically active infrastructures, in the coastal and marine environment as well as other urban landscapes. The innovative concrete products are designed for enhancing the biological and ecological value of coastal and marine infrastructures.


With our forwarding platform, we make this an easy process for SME’s. In three steps they are prepared for importing or exporting. The process is fulfilled in just one click. The next step is to connect the SME’s ERP systems, E-commerce systems to do the same. Giving every SME a chance to be a global player.

Digitalisation logistics

Ionada manufactures membrane scrubbers that allow power plants and shipowners to continue burning low cost heavy fuel oils and comply to emission regulations. Ionada is the first to market with membrane scrubbers, offering shipowners zero discharge and 30% higher efficiency than competitive seawater scrubbers.

Emission reduction

MarineGage has a cloud based solution that helps companies collect and manage geospatial data, visualize collected data on top of satellite or drone maps and take actions with it’s unique location based mobile process flow builder. MarineGage increases the practical & operational value of drone acquired data.

Asset maintenance

Marine Bubble Flow reduces the viscous drag of vessels by controlled injection of air bubbles in the boundary layer of the vessel, using an innovative retro-fittable fluidic technology. The innovative technology impacts fuel consumption and environmental footprint of the global shipping industry which is responsible for 5% of all transport emissions.

OPEX reduction

Time counts for chemical analysis. Fast, accurate monitoring improves safety, increases yields and reduces costs. OndaVia was founded in 2009 to commercialize a fast, accurate water analysis technology that enables realtime, trace-level chemical analysis. This system is ideally suited for chemical analysis needed in a variety of industries—from oil and gas to the chemical, environmental, and agricultural industries.


ShipsKart is the first ever B2B e-marketplace for marine stores. A platform that streamlines the way marine stores are ordered, approved and received on board with the help of technology, ensuring transparency for everyone.

Digitalisation logistics

The Big Smile has developed a machine that solves all current problems when releasing bulk carriers. We have built a prototype and successfully tested it in the environment. Since there is no physical contact with the ship’s walls, and the ship, no damage is caused to the construction of the ship, the coating construction is not damaged. This results in more safety for ships and its passengers.

Cargo efficiency

Threatspan aims to help maritime and nautical enterprises become more resilient
in the face of rising cyberthreats. Our solution provides continuous cybersecurity in the form of a maritime cyber resilience platform, pentesting as a service, a rugged IDPS device, and forthcoming blockchain-based supply chain management solution.

Cyber security

WhaleWashing is a new and innovative technology designed to
clean the hull of medium and large ships. The two most outstanding advantages are the speed of the cleaning, that can be performed in just two hours, and the low cleaning costs per linear meter. The net balance is a huge savings in the fuel costs and a considerable reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Predictive maintenance

The company was born on a mission for tasks to be made easier and safer in the Autonomous Maritime world. Areas of expertise include Unmanned Marine Surface & Aerial Vehicles, vessel command control technology, Navigational instruments & telemetry systems. A “Boat In A Box” describes their technology best.

Autonomous shipping

RanMarine’s fully autonomous drones swim through the water, collecting plastic, trash and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment. RanMarine drones are learning machines, continuously sharing information with each other and your Smart City.

Autonomous drones

Fibersail is a shape sensing system, based on fiber optic sensors that turn critical into smart structures, aimed to improve performance, prevent failures and better understand of the behavior and condition for renewable energy, and maritime industries.

Alternative energy

“ECoFlo” (Waterless Urinal Waste Trap System) can be fitted to nearly any existing urinal. One Waterless Cartridge equipped urinal saves on average between 80,000 – 150,000 litres of water per year. Collected urine is converted to Urea or used directly as a fertilizer,“Crystal Gold” (Bio Friendly Fertilizer).

Circular economy

4shipping provides a chartering app specific for inland waterway transport. The app provides direct insight in the cargoes that need to be transported (bulk, general cargo or containers), supply and demand; skippers actively bid on cargoes and the information required during transport. The app saves time and money through direct and quick communication.


Pingle is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the busy work of managing credentials for the maritime industry and connects industry professionals, training course providers and companies on one platform. It ensures real-time compliance of professional credentials through software automation and verification.

Digitalisation is an operations management platform for ships and ports, combined with the insight and notifications of any modern application. PortCall captures, connects, and conveys real-time information about changing port operations.


RadiantFleet provides a web based platform for Crew and Fleet Management; connecting worldwide Crew Managers with their partners, ship owners and crew. Interaction & workflow is made easy, efficient and transparent. Requirements for crew management such certificates and crew payroll can be set and monitored through the Dashboard and Planner.


VesselBot is a software marketplace matching vessels, destinations and cargo with just a few clicks. Our algorithm seamlessly matches the best possible counterparts taking into consideration technical, geographical, financial as well as commercial variables. Providing both parties with proposals for the best matches they could cooperate with.


Green Sea Guard provides a system to track ship exhaust emissions, transmitting data collected from the ship’s exhaust, and sending it to a secure server. The data is transmitted to authorised port authorities, coastguards and shipowners. This is done by placing an analyser on board a ship in a tamper-resistant enclosure.

Emission reduction

Njord Power is an innovative ‘One Stop Shop’ for optimizing and keeping fuel oils and other liquids in excellent condition. Our mission is to reduce fuel consumption and to enable companies to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. We see a Njord Fuel Treatment System on every liquid fuel engine.

Emission reduction

We offer applications to support with the provision of medical care at sea. Our MedAssist. online Skills app uses HD photo and video and is available on- and offline. It works anytime and anywhere around the globe and uses sensor data to collect objective measurements on vital parameters and makes them available to any doctor or radio medical service.


SailRouter is a desktop and cloud application that helps ship owners to reduce fuel consumption by using machine feedback. We uses an inertial sensor with a unique machine feedback algorithm to measure waves. SailRouter is the only solution that enables monitoring of real ship behavior on waves and it creates a database with real ship performances.


10XL has a new production concept, the XL hybrid manufacturing, it combines two techniques 3D printing and CNC cutting. Firstly, we will print extremely thick layers to achieve great build-up speeds. Then, we use robotic CNC cutting to shape the final product. Surface quality is perfect. Therefore, no paint needs to be applied and models can be reused.

New Technologies

Parable creates immersive learning solutions for safety training using virtual reality. The learning solution is Single Player Observational Learning as well as Asymmetric & Symmetric Multiplayer Learning. Their solution improves existing safety training programs in the maritime industry using the immersive learning technology virtual reality.

New Technologies

The Universal Container Locking System (UCLS) is an automated, fully integrated twistlock system for shipping containers. UCLS is an automated twistlock solution designed by terminal operators who personally dealt with the injuries and inefficiencies caused by the twistlock handling process on a daily basis.

New Technologies

AquaSmartXL provides you with an additional pair of eyes on the water. Our small-sized aquatic drone helps observe assets as well as the surrounding environment on a regular basis and at locations where conventional technologies can not be applied. The AquaDrone complements or even replaces visual inspections and provide additional information such as 3D models. Our AquaDrone system can save time, reduce costs and improve safety.

Smart Maintenance

McNetiq has developed a way of making safe connections with magnets. Until now, it was not possible to see the effective force of a magnet when it is used on variable surfaces. With the Controlock technology, it becomes possible to test and measure the load-bearing capacity and the sliding force of a magnet. The Controlock magnet can be a calculable and reliable connection anchor for many environments.

Smart Maintenance

Pentar Augmented Reality platform is your one-stop-shop for Augmented Reality solutions. We take care of AR Smartware, software, connectivity solutions and the implementation of your Augmented Reality products. We are proud to be the first Augmented Reality vendor in the Maritime industry with our core solution Pentar’s software platform which leverages the latest innovations in mobile Augmented Reality technology

Smart Maintenance

XYZ is a Laser Scanning company that provides accurate (up to 1mm) drawings & 3D models. With an extra day we can provide a virtual tour of each vessel. The user -from their desk- finds himself virtually anywhere on the vessel, can measure whatever is needed and can take decisions on the installation of new systems.

Smart Maintenance

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