Ride the wave of maritime innovation.

Ahoy, founder.

The maritime industry is ripe for a revolution.

You see countless possibilities, but the truth is: maritime is a tough, deep industry to penetrate.

Here’s where PortXL comes in. We help you open doors. Drive innovation. Scale your business. Disrupt maritime. So join our accelerator and set sail for greatness.

Why we’re different

There are more accelerators than ever, each promising to help you reach for the stars.

PortXL doesn’t talk about intangible values like ‘investor networks’, or ‘exit strategies’.

We are also not generalists with interests across many different industries.

We are strictly a B2B maritime accelerator. This is why our focus is on creating tangible business value for maritime startups who are serious about building their business.



Shipping and Logistics



Who we’re
looking for

with a prototype or MVP that is scalable, and are looking for pilot opportunities.

looking to streamline their products, and grow network of corporate clients globally.

How we accelerate

As the 1st maritime accelerator in the world, we cultivate the best maritime ecosystem in the world.

Each year, we scout over 1000 startups and select not more than 20 for each location – Rotterdam, Singapore and Antwerp. These startups gain access to hands-on mentorship, our global maritime network, and valuable pilot opportunities with corporate partners.

We help you succeed, faster.


1. Scouting Interview

After the first round of interviews with PortXL, we invite you on 30-min calls with our corporate partner panel. The session focuses on your solution and your team, which means you receive immediate feedback from our industry veterans even before you join the program. 20-30 startups are shortlisted to attend Selection Day at their location of choice.

2. Selection Day

After a few rounds of screening, we identify 20-25 startups out of the pool of hundreds scouted. These startups participate in our 2-day Selection Day, where they are scored by mentors and a jury of maritime experts across functions – from finance, tech, business, to innovation. The final 10-15 are then selected for the accelerator.

3. Accelerator Program

The selected startups are matched to mentors and undergo an intensive 3-month program which focuses on building their business. This includes market validation, finding clients, masterclasses and other programs tailored to develop business propositions.

4. Shakedown

The accelerator ends with a celebration of innovation at Shakedown, where we showcase the groundbreaking innovations and progress the startups have made throughout the process.

5. 100-Day Plan

Being part the PortXL community extends beyond the 3-month accelerator. Count on us for continued mentorship, leverage on the network and access our resources!

6. Alumni Program

Plans to expand in another region? PortXL startups who graduated from one of our locations can apply for an intense and accelerated program at other locations to scale globally.





Why join

3-month accelerator

An intense 3-month accelerator program tailored to help maritime startups scale.

Create business value

We are unique in our accelerator model, with a core focus of helping startups secure strategic business connections.

Strong maritime global network

Leverage our deep maritime network to discover a previously uncharted sea of opportunities with PortXL’s mentors, industry experts, corporate partners and alumni.

Expert mentorship

Gain actionable feedback and insights, as well as open new doors in the maritime industries with our expert mentors.

Corporate partners

Connect with global corporate partners for pilot projects, business partnerships, or R&D collaborations.


Workshops conducted by top professionals and entrepreneurs designed to help startups scale and develop business propositions. .

Awareness & promotion

Gain traction and a bigger following among the industry and startup community through PortXL.






"As a direct result of PortXL’s outreach program we became aware of the needs within the broad spectrum of the maritime industry that PortXL represents and has a deep expertise in. Specifically, FWT developed a signed evaluation, pilot, and use case study with Royal Vopak. That relationship which provides both revenue and strengthened investor confidence vastly exceeds the contractual dollar (euro) amount many times over. Furthermore, the mentorship support that PortXL has led to a series of relationships that FWT will draw on now and in the future. "
Howie Honeyman
Forward Water Technologies
"I’m happy to say we signed 2 corporate contracts with Van Oord and Port of Rotterdam, and PortXL had a lot to do with facilitating that."
Shimrit Perkol-Finke

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