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What the battle for the White House means for global shipping

With the US election just a few days away, Splash 24/7 asked Dr Adam Kent, managing director of Maritime Strategies International, for his take on the ramifications of the result for international shipping.

The path below 2°C global heating

Up to $130trn of investment and enough wind turbines and solar panels to cover India just to produce green hydrogen – those are among the staggering statistics cited in a new study of what’s needed by 2050 to keep global temperature increases below 2°C.

Eco Wave Power signs 50MW Vietnam project agreement

Eco Wave Power has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MSmart Future Technology to develop a 50MW wave energy project in Vietnam. Eco Wave Power CEO Inna Braverman said: “We look forward to demonstrating our solution together with MSmart Future technology in Vietnam, which will support Vietnam’s plan to increase its renewable energy sources, while reducing GHG emission by 8% by 2030.”

57 industry leaders call for action on hydrogen

Highlighting the key role that gas plays in balancing variable renewables at an affordable cost, reducing CO2 emissions and guaranteeing system reliability, the letter asks policymakers to design appropriate EU financing mechanisms enabling swift replacement of coal with gas as a transitional solution to bridge the investment and technological gap.

Wind-assist technology is ready and waiting for IMO to set tough CO2 rules

A host of zero-carbon fuels are promised over the next decades, but the short term measures now discussed must ensure that our sector keeps to its remaining 1.5C degrees carbon budget within the next few crucial years of this decade. This means a transparent accounting of the carbon intensity of ship’s operations, enforced from 2023 onwards.

Back to the future – SPEED Conference takeaways

The SPEED online Data Science and IoT for Port Logistics Conference on October 23 gathered speakers and participants from all over the world. We are obviously all very interested in the future and in innovation but what is the impact of innovation on our ecological system and most importantly on ourselves?

Port of Antwerp to develop private 5G network

The Port of Antwerp has signed an agreement with the city government and the Antwerp Fire Department to develop and test a private 5G network. The network is named ‘Minerva’ and is currently being developed and tested by technology company iSea in collaboration with Ericsson, will allow the three partners to further develop their existing digital applications and to explore new ones.