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The global entrepreneurship hub for innovation in logistic, maritime and energy

PortXL is the first World Port Accelerator and unique in its kind. We partner with leading companies, organizations and individuals around the globe, from Singapore, Houston to Piraeus. Our aim is to accelerate innovative companies in ports worldwide.

Our focus

PortXL focuses on building the ecosystem that creates value for all stakeholders. We aim to accelerate start-ups in a time frame of 3 months. How do we accomplish this? With an intense mentorship driven program focusing on port related industries. Our ecosystem consists of founders, investors and corporate partners (Van Oord, Port of Rotterdam, EY, ECE, Shell, Vopak, Boskalis, Uniper, Rabobank, Rotterdam Port Fund, InnovationQuarter, City of Rotterdam, Thales and Rotterdam The Hague Airport) that support and accelerate the entrepreneurial journey. We believe that the program creates value for a wider network. Everything we do is aimed at growing and disrupting the maritime, logistic, energy, and chemical/refinery markets!

Spot an opportunity for innovation? Got a great business idea? Take it to the right place and make it happen.

The energy, maritime & logistics world is changing. These are the current challenges:


Autonomous Shipping

Cyber Security

Emission Reduction

Digitalisation of Logistics

Internet of Things

Wind Energy

Ballast Water Treatment

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