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MPA and IMO launch NextGen carbon-free initiative

The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the IMO have launched NextGen, an initiative designed to enable collaboration between global stakeholders in the fight to cut carbon emissions.

Unveiled during Singapore’s Future of Shipping: Decarbonisation webinar, NextGen will facilitate information sharing on decarbonisation initiatives across stakeholders, including all IMO member states.

E-fuels are crucial to sustainable heavy transport

Synthetic fuels produced from electricity, or e-fuels, will play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions from long-distance truck transport, aviation and shipping. For long-distance freight transport and shipping, synthetic methanol, diesel and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) are the most attractive options; for deep sea shipping, synthetic ammonia is also an important option.

Port of LA leader calls for industrywide digital transformation

“Digital transformation is a way to get our economy back on its feet and make it more resilient to future challenges,” says Gene Seroka in his keynote address opening American Shipper’s Global Trade Tech summit.

DNV GL picks ammonia and methanol as future fuels

“The grand challenge of our time is finding a pathway towards decarbonisation,” said Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV GL – Maritime. “Reducing GHG emissions is rapidly becoming the defining decision-making factor for the future of the shipping industry. The pressure to act decisively is mounting. Perfect is the enemy of good, and so we mustn’t wait for an ideal solution to arrive and risk making no progress at all.”

Scrubbers beat compliant fuel in race to reduce CO2 emissions

“Well-to-wake, using HFO as fuel in combination with scrubbers generates less CO2 than using compliant fuel,” says Kai Låtun, Director in Yara Marine Technologies. He notes the report shows that use of compliant fuel could potentially generate as much as 25% increased CO2 emissions.

Wilhelmsen, Thyssenkrupp create 3D printing JV for maritime sector

On 28 September, Wilhelmsen’s Marine Products division and Thyssenkrupp signed a joint venture letter of intent (LOI) in an effort “to re-examine and optimize the production and delivery process of 3D printed spare parts for the unique demands of the maritime market”.

Innovative vacuum cleaner removes plastic from nature reserve in the port of Antwerp

From the September 19th, World Clean-up Day, the ‘Nul-o-Plastic’, designed by Envisan (Jan De Nul Group), will get rid of the historical pollution in the Galgeschoor nature reserve in the port of Antwerp. This vacuum cleaner is the winning design of the Galgeschoor Plastic Challenge and is now ready to remove millions of plastic pellets and other pastics in this nature reserve.