InnoTractor implements digital technology for a better world. With the vision of a zero-waste supply chain, the latest technologies such as IoT, blockchain and cloud computing are applied, enabling better process control and prevention of loss. InnoTractor supports customers in cold-chain logistics, pharma, port logistics, mobility and the energy sector to achieve their business goals through digitization. It uses its own modular IoT devices and SaaS solutions to deliver secure, reliable and scalable solutions to its customers.

InnoTractor and Betronic have entered into a partnership to realize a modular IoT concept. The concept consists of a total solution of devices, mobile communication and a flexible IoT platform. The small devices, the “Orbitz”, can be adjusted modularly to the use case and are multifunctional as a sensor, tracker, actuator, hub and edge controller. “Companies need a solution that really meets their specific digitisation needs but do not want to start from scratch. That is why the modular concept is ideal: quickly creating a solution, but one that fits”, explains InnoTractor CEO Frank Hermans.

The Orbitz communicate with the InnoTractor Gravity IoT platform via the latest communication technologies, transforming data into actionable information in real time. Gravity is a scalable IoT platform which securely receives and stores data and presents actionable information. Deploying the Orbitz gives many possibilities to prevent failure cost, respond to real-time information and simplify or accelerate (new) services.

Maurice van Tholen, InnoTractor CMO, on the participation in the 2020 PortXL program: “It gave us access to a large network of companies, the opportunity to run and successfully deliver a project with the Port of Rotterdam and we are running a project with North Sea Port. It has given us exposure, a way to get in touch with companies which want to take concrete steps in innovation.”

Top tip for start-ups: “Be sharp on what you’re looking for. The sharper you are, you might get rejections faster, but the confirmations you’ll get will be the right hook. Know what you want and do not deviate too much from your core offering. Have people challenge your pitch to get it perfected. Make your pitch simple to make the basics crystal clear, the interested parties will reach out for the details.

With innovation people sometimes want to take too many steps at the same time which leads to lots of talking and no action. Being able to do pilots step by step is a net positive for start-ups such as ours. Keep it simple, small and achievable. Be successful, and the next steps will show exponential growth.”

Original interview took place in March 2021 and was published on the PortXL LinkedIn page on April 6th 2021. This is the full version. Our thanks go to Frank Hermans and Maurice van Tholen from InnoTractor for their availability.