You might have heard about PortXL’s participation in the Dutch Maritime Masterplan – if not, you may catch up here – we have been tasked to assist the consortium by finding innovators with solutions that fit the projects within the methanol research and testing to confirm methanol’s potential as the next fuel for maritime. For that purpose we are looking for start-ups or scale-ups that can assist with the process and/or make it more efficient. Any innovators can sign up via the form at the bottom of the page, however we also have plenty of alumni that we have accelerated over the years that fit the bill and it would a shame not to showcase them.

Here are 6 of our alumni that can contribute towards an emission free vessel, methanol-powered or otherwise:

Insight into Ionada’s solution with their partner Qpower and how the methanation process functions. – courtesy of Ionada.

Ionada – Provides carbon reduction systems that enable companies to implement innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions. And one of the utilization cases is methanation which produces renewable natural gas.

sHYp – First electrolyser to use sea water to produce hydrogen. No desalination, no purification, no toxic waste. The process produces green hydrogen and CO2. both vital ingredients for Methanol production.

FUELSAVE – An intelligently controlled hydrogen syngas generator and injector combines a proprietary gas injection with other efficiency enhancement processes like a specific water methanol injection to increase combustion efficiency, leading to a cleaner and cooler combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Green Sea Guard – Gas analyser that provides high resolution and simultaneous readings of an engine’s exhaust gases, giving an extremely valuable view of the #performance of an engine and an overview of the toxic and non-toxic gases.

AAApropulsion – Electric Pod Propulsion Solutions – The A-Pod series results in up to 30% lower fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions than any other solutions currently available on the market.

Marine Performance Systems – Fluidic air lubrication that can achieve fuel net savings of 8-12% and significantly reduce NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions with an expected payback period of less than 3 years.

How to apply as a start-up / scale-up

1) Access the form via the button below and fill it in.

2) Your solution will be part of a report presented to the members of the consortium.

3) The consortium will make a shortlist of their preferred solutions.

4) Shortlisted companies will be invited to a validation call (a 30-minute online session where the start-up / scale-up will have 5 minutes to pitch their solution and 25 minutes for a Q&A with representatives of the consortium).

5) If the solution is a good fit, a deal will be worked out between consortium & start-up / scale-up. PortXL steps out at this stage.

The start-up / scale-up can either provide a service to the consortium or become part of the consortium itself. However, the latter must happen before the subsidy program closes in mid-august 2021 and that requires an investment of €125k and other requirements. For the service providing, there are no such requirements and the start-up / scale-up can step in at any moment during the project.

PortXL takes no fee from the start-ups / scale-ups.