Rotterdam based company and 2017 PortXL Alumni McNetiq bv has launched a new product line of magnetic anchors for fall protection when working at height. McNetiq herewith responds to the growing demand for certified anchoring options in the industry. The use of magnetic anchors is also sustainable because temporary anchor point do not have to be welded. The use of personal fall protection is mandatory in the event of a potential fall hazard of two meters and more.

The first product in this series from McNetiq is the workplace safety device McNetiq Fall Restraint, intended for workplaces constructed of steel without edge protection. The operator is connected to this anchor with a measured working line so that the worker can never get past the unsecured edge. This product complies with the set safety and certification requirements. Areas of application are: loading and unloading work on ship decks, construction and demolition work on drilling platforms, shipbuilding and maintenance, and working on cranes and windmills. There are various fall protection systems in circulation, but no magnetic ones yet.

This new application, like all McNetiq products, is based on Controlock technology. McNetiq is the inventor of this patented technology, with which the breakout point and shear force of a magnetic anchor can be determined in advance. Complete certainty about the load-bearing capacity of the magnet is conditional for the safe realization of temporary steel anchors in the industry with magnets.

McNetiq is founded following the invention of Controlock technology in 2014. Rotterdam Port Fund is its investor. Since then McNetiq has been continuously growing and expanding locally and internationally. Besides being active in the Netherlands, the company has representatives in the United States and southeast Asia.