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This session gives you an opportunity to ask one of our partners a question on any topic. For this session, the expert from Boskalis will be Sander Steenbrink.

Please register here: https://calendly.com/infoportxl/boskalis-ask-me-anything-session-with-wiebe-d-clone?month=2020-06

Sander Steenbrink is working as General Manager Corporate Research and Development at Boskalis. After his studies in Mechanical Engineering (1992, TU Delft, Engineering Mechanics) and his PhD research in Micromechanics of Materials at TU Delft / University of Twente, he started working at TNO Automotive in 1997 on vehicle crash/occupant safety simulations. In 2003 he moved to TNO Building and Construction Research to lead the Centre for Mechanical and Maritime Structures. In 2007 he joined Boskalis where he is now responsible for innovation and technology development related to dredging and offshore construction works. He is involved in the internal innovation and research programs at Boskalis, research partnerships with other companies and knowledge institutions, and collaborations with startups.