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‘Open communication is essential to be safe, cost-efficient, timely’

A stalwart of the North Sea oil adventure, Van Oord has been diversifying rapidly into offshore wind of late. Darius Snieckus speaks with the contractor’s offshore wind business MD Arnoud Kuis about big assignments, Blauwind and ‘bubble curtains’

Maritime 5G will hasten IoT adoption in shipping industry

Real-life applications include the introduction of smart drones for real-time monitoring, ship-shore communication for vessel traffic management and just-in-time operations. Furthermore, maritime 5G will also facilitate the adoption of autonomous vessels with low latency connectivity for remote operation and hasten the use of Internet-of-Things sensors during search-and-rescue for real-time communications and accurate positioning.

Companies sign agreement for the transport of hydrogen in Belgium

The climate target to reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium by 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels is a major challenge. Hydrogen has an important role to play in the mix of solutions to achieve results. That is why Deme, Engie, Exmar, Fluxys, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and WaterstofNet are joining forces.

Royal IHC Develops Integrated Project Plan on Circular Sediment Management

Dredging consultants from a consortium of Dutch companies including Royal IHC, Deltares and NETICS have prepared a full-scale pilot project to implement a circular sediment management plan for a reservoir dredging work in India.

Shell to build Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant in Denmark

In a few years, Denmark might end up hosting Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant in town of Fredericia in the western part of the country. Danish company Everfuel has entered a strategic cooperation with, among others, Shell Danmark to establish a P2X plant for an approximate cost of DKK 150 million (EUR 20 million) on-site at an existing oil refinery in Fredericia.

IKEA pieces together marine biofuels solution

Marine biofuels have been hailed by one of Sweden’s largest shippers as an “important part of the puzzle going forward” following landmark trials across the world this year.

European Investment Bank to Stop Financing Fossil Fuel Projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will end financing for fossil fuel energy projects from the end of 2021 in a move to aligning all its financing activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement. EIB Group financing will unlock EUR one trillion ($1.1 trillion) of climate action and environmental sustainable investment in the decade to 2030.

Sustainability top priority for US port

Sustainability is a top priority in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s proposed US$3.4bn 2020 operating expense budget. Over US$330m is provided to support sustainability and resiliency efforts that reduce the port’s environmental impact and enhance the resiliency of its facilities.

Eastern Pacific launches maritime accelerator with nine startups

Idan Ofer’s Eastern Pacific Shipping, in partnership with Techstars, has officially launched its dedicated maritime accelerator Eastern Pacific Accelerator powered by Techstars. The accelerator launched today in Singapore with nine startup companies, selected from hundreds of applicants worldwide.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is redefining the economy as we know it

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) upends current economic frameworks. Who makes money – and how – has changed. Demographics have changed. Even the skills that brought our society to where we are today have changed. Leaders must account for these transformations or risk leaving behind their companies, their customers and their constituents.