The Maritime Masterplan is the Dutch vision to make 50 vessels of all types emission free by 2030. PortXL is assisting the Masterplan consortia with finding the right innovators that can support this noble project.

Yesterday, November 29th, the Dutch government awarded a total of €150 million among eight consortia to work on innovations that make our transport cleaner and smarter. Three of those projects are maritime-related and two of them involve PortXL’s support.


LNG-ZERO is an ambitious research project aiming to develop the technologies and strategies needed to drastically reduce emissions from LNG-powered ships and thus contribute to sustainable shipping. This is achieved through a three-pronged strategy: reducing methane (CH4) slip, capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and using bio-LNG to eliminate all remaining emissions, making the entire chain free of greenhouse gas emissions. This is complex technology with many challenges, and a complete partnership will make it happen.

MENENS (Methanol as Energy Step towards Zero Emission Shipping)

Achieving zero-emission shipping is not a given. The vast majority of ships are still powered by fossil fuels. Although there are various routes to achieving CO2 emission reductions in the maritime sector, there are only a few possible alternatives to marine diesel that can be deployed in the short to medium term. Methanol is now an alternative with strong support in the international maritime sector and the most feasible for large-scale introduction in the short to medium term. The 22 partners in this project represent the Dutch maritime sector across the board, from ship owner to designer and from ship builder to (specialist) supplier. Together, the partners want to speed up the route towards truly emission-free shipping by developing adaptive system solutions, based on methanol.

We would like to congratulate the maritime sector on landing the subsidies and in particular the people that worked so hard to make it happen: Rob Verkerk from NML, Annet Koster & Marjolein van Noort from KVNR, Marnix Krikke from NMT, Bas Buchner from MARIN and Jurrit Bergsma from TNO.

We look forward to contribute to these projects and accelerate the maritime energy transition. Let’s make maritime emission-free together!

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