Start-up Mavisoft has been added to this year’s cohort of PortXL Antwerp. In the wake of the Antwerp Selection Day earlier this month, a few candidates had stranded in the orange status. Mavisoft was one of them. This meant that a follow-up meeting was required by the corporate partners to determine if they would fit.

Mavisoft CEO Theodor Preststulen (right) getting ready to pitch at the 2019 Antwerp Selection Day

Last week, Mavisoft convinced MSC of their potential. The Mavisoft team will now take part in the 3-month program, together with the five other previously announced companies Cnext, Evolution Energie, ProcessDelight, Romware and Smart-Ship.

Mavisoft builds tailor-made Artificial Intelligence solutions that conduct preventive maintenance analytics through image analysis. By using state-of-the-art Machine Vision software (Ma-vi-soft), they can pinpoint damages such as rust, corrosion, and overall structural integrity.

The team of Mavisoft consists of young experts that were handpicked from 8 different countries.