On June 22nd the Port of Québec announced the signing of new memorandums of understanding with seven partners (local and international) in maritime, transportation and research sectors with the goal of creating a worldwide ecosystem of maritime and port intelligence and innovation in Québec. This is all as part of the existing Laurentia project.

Among the seven the international aspect is comprised of the Port of Rotterdam and PortXL.

Watch the video below to discover more:


From our side, we at PortXL are proud to be a part of this initiative and to contribute from across the Atlantic. This showcases how even in difficult times the cross-ocean collaboration is alive and well.

Our ambition is to inspire the ecosystem of the Port of Québec and support them in their goal to be the smartest port on North American shores. To achieve this, there are plans to develop an innovation zone, where PortXL’s expertise in developing innovation ecosystems would play a significant role.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Québec delegation in Brussels for the initial approach towards Port of Rotterdam and PortXL which ultimately led to the MoU signatures.

Exciting times coming up for port innovation in Canada!