A top 3 by start-ups and scale-ups from the PortXL community

We are moving rapidly towards an innovative tomorrow, accelerated by a sudden disruption to our way of life. How do we manage to stay afloat under these extraordinary conditions? 

Everyone has their own idea. We share a top 3 of solutions by start-ups and scale-ups from the PortXL community, helping us to deal with the current situation. 

1. PortXL alumni Bigyellowfish are offering a Lite version of their app to the public during these challenging times. The Bigyellowfish app, developed for seafarers, provides on-demand behavioral health support. It is a powerful tool to build skills to cope with your stress & anxiety, when accessed regularly. The Lite version is available for any individual on iOS and Android devices. Contact priyanka.ramesh@bigyellowfish.io for support.

2. Nido Robotics, start-up from our current PortXL cohort, is rising to the challenge and providing immediate help through their initiative MurciaSolidaria, designing and producing face protection gear for citizens.

3. Raymon Lubbers and his company FEO AR are making use of their remote assistance technology, allowing an inexperienced technician in the Netherlands to be assisted by an expert in Norway through their augmented reality platform.

Do you have a solution that could help the port ecosystem during this time of crisis?