It is in the nature of PortXL – the World’s 1st Port & Maritime Accelerator – to look towards the future, to discover new ways to disrupt the port industry sectors and bring value to the ecosystem.

For its 5th year anniversary, PortXL held on June 25th its first ever digital event – SHAKEUP!

The event was broadcasted live from a refurbished former warehouse in Rotterdam – one of the many symbols of the growth and rebuilding process that pervades throughout the City that is proud to call itself the Maritime Capital of Europe. A city that embraces change and consequently attracts changemakers to land on its shores and contribute with their bright minds and solutions. The PortXL program is part of that, bringing together start-ups and industry partners to facilitate the growth of the economy whilst sustaining the ecology.

Innovation Travels Fast

The event opened with Director and Co-Founder Carolien Vat-Sandee introducing the 2020 Rotterdam participants. Start-ups and scale-ups from all over the globe that found Rotterdam an ideal landing spot for their solutions. From Spain to Singapore, they all have a solution to offer for the maritime, energy, refinery or logistics sectors – the broad scope of what at PortXL is defined as the Port Ecosystem.

You can discover the 2020 Rotterdam program participants here:

Landing in Rotterdam

Due to the global pandemic, the PortXL program was fully held digitally for the 1st time in history, with little time to prepare, requiring an immense amount of adaptability from everyone involved, team, participants, partners and mentors. The entire ecosystem came together in a display of solidarity and willingness to keep the wheel of innovation turning.

Circumstances aside, there were many positives to take away from: the digital way of working and the efforts to keep the community together were well received.

The 22 Rotterdam participants will continue to be supported by the PortXL team throughout the summer. In the meantime, they have already signed 20 cooperation agreements with both PortXL corporate partners and other companies.

PortXL Networking App – Connecting people to make innovation happen

During the event, PortXL unveiled its Networking app, where SHAKEUP guests can connect with each other and gain valuable connections and insights about their areas of interest.

The human element and personal connection is something that should be nurtured, especially in times of social distancing – the app aims to provide the tools for the guests to stay in touch and cultivate relationships that have the potential to blossom in impactful realities. The app will stay operational for three months following SHAKEUP.

The backstage of the Shakeup International Port Session

Looking towards the future

The event closed off with an optimistic tone with director and Co-Founder Carolien Vat-Sandee briefly introducing the PortXL recovery plan for the upcoming year, joined by Alderman Barbara Kathmann from the City of Rotterdam.

The Alderman sees the large turnout at the digital event as confirmation of Rotterdam’s pioneering role. “This shows once again that Rotterdam is the breeding ground for maritime innovation and that continues during Corona. By bringing international innovations to Rotterdam and working together with entrepreneurs in the maritime cluster here, we stimulate the innovations that the city and port desperately need. I would therefore like to call on companies in the region to submit their innovation challenge to PortXL. When they fulfil the 100 challenges that are part of their recovery plan, we will also strengthen our position as Maritime Capital of Europe.”

Further details about the recovery plan to be announced over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!