The “start-up tease” is completed – it’s a full monty! With this final episode, all of the participants to the PortXL 2020 Rotterdam Selection Days have been announced. Remember that the event will take place at RDM Congres Centrum due to construction works at our usual location – apologies for the inconvenience! Previous episodes one, two, three, four & five are here for your viewing pleasure.

Unlike its previous comrades, this article does not feature 7 innovative start-ups & scale-ups – instead it is only the final five, for a grand total of 40 companies. Another PortXL record broken – this is the highest amount of companies present at a Selection Day ever. The companies are arranged in no particular order. Will the industry experts and our corporate partners select them? We will all find out on February 12th – stay tuned!

36 – BlockBax

With the introduction of IoT and the emergence of more divergent and affordable sensors, companies have been enabled to collect more data than ever before. Blockbax fuels these companies, which strive to be quicker, smarter, and agile. They also fuel the amount of people who will be calling them BlackBox instead.

37 – Triogen

The Dutchmen are leading organic rankine cycle (ORC) manufacturers and suppliers. Their ORC technology converts heat from your business process into €€€. When applied to landfill sites, digesters, diesel engines, wood burners, furnaces, etc. the Triogen ORC produces valuable green electricity. Very fitting, as Orcs tend to be green in the fantasy mythos – when have you last seen a purple Orc?

38 – Delfos

Providing artificial intellingence for the energy industry, the Brazilians from Delfos created a maintenance platform that integrates machine learning modules and technical knowledge to derive insights out of existing data from wind power plant monitoring/SCADA solutions (for those wondering: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition – PortXL Acronym Translator [PAT] to the rescue). The platform avoids unexpected downtimes, optimizes operations & maintenance planning, increases asset lifetime as well as asset performance for wind turbines.

39 – Spiral Technology

Founded in 2018 by Ukrainian founders, the company recruited from across the globe and is now primarily based in Singapore. These world travellers are a provider of productivity software for industrial enterprises. They develop powerful software and adapt sophisticated technical content for the Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality devices used in automating industrial maintenance.

40 – SoftRide Technologies

Last to confirm their attendance are Israelis SoftRide, who provide safe and cost-effective autonomous driving in geo-fenced areas. The focus is to automate any type of vehicle that drives in geofenced area and does not require to perform complex driving decisions. The number of big vehicles / machinery that drive in geofenced areas is about several millions, meaning a large need for such a solution. Will it be enough to drive into the 2020 PortXL program?

Let’s find out together at Selection Days on February 12th!

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