Welcome back esteemed reader! As you know by now (and if you don’t, here are links one & two of previous episodes), we are gradually revealing the participants to the PortXL 2020 Rotterdam Selection Dayswhich has changed location and will be held at RDM due to construction works at our usual location – apologies for the inconvenience!

Each article will feature 7 of these innovative start-ups & scale-ups and what solutions are they bringing to the table. The companies are arranged in no particular order. Will the industry experts and our corporate partners select them? We will all find out on February 12th – stay tuned!

Remember that if you are part of our ecosystem or wish to be, you can attend the event and contribute in evaluating the start-ups! Get in touch with us via mail and we’ll take care of the rest.

15 – Mariquant

From Russia with love! The ex-rocket scientists formerly employed beyond the iron curtain are back with their maritime data analytics platform, which can be used for many tasks, including scheduling optimisation, data for operational and strategic decisions, arbitrage opportunities and environmental protection. In 2019 they took part of the Rotterdam Selection Days and only narrowly missed out on being part of the 2019 cohort. After a year of progress, the experienced duo are motivated to enter the program on this occasion.

16 – AIIM

AIIM – or AI in Motion – provides vehicle developers with customized AI solutions for machine perception & localization to support autonomous driving development. Its solutions consist of services such as sensor selection, data collection, localization, on-board planning, anti-hacking measures, and system deployment. The Dutch scale-up aims to develop Digital Twins of Autonomous Vehicle environments in the upcoming years.

17 – Bio-Raiser

The Finns of Bio-Raiser have developed an Algae Collector that is specially developed to minimize or eliminate damage caused to the environment through agriculture. By moving and binding leached nutrients found in water systems back into fields they offer a permanent, lasting solution. Their Hydro bioflakes are filled with nutritions for farming industry that double as absorbents for marine oil spills. A circular and multi-functional solution.

18 – F-drones

The world’s first transition drone to enable aerial deliveries to oil rigs and ships. The made-in-Singapore unique design has a combination of heavy payload and long-range capabilities that make the drone able to take-off vertically, fly like a fixed-wing aircraft, and land on a moving target. They are building aviation-grade drones that would set high safety and reliability standards, with the goal to be the leader of heavy payload drone logistics across industries in 5 years. Hopefully the PortXL program will be a launch pad for F-drones’ F-dreams!

19 – Macomi

With the ongoing digitalization of the World, there is an incomprehensible amount of data floating around. Therefore, ways to translate this data into useful information is in high demand. Macomi specializes in advanced business analytics. Using an innovative, in-house built platform, they are able to cover the entire analytics landscape, leveraging data and process maps to understand, forecast, and optimize your business.

20 – blkSAIL

blkSAIL puts the AI back into SAILING – despite the slightly humouristic tone of these articles, this is actually their official tagline. If that was not impressive enough, the Americans offer Marine Autonomy On-Demand by putting all the AI and software bricks together today to power the future of maritime industry. Specifcally, their system assists captains and ship operators in saving fuel, maximizing returns, and avoiding risk of collisions. The system can also navigate the ship autonomously without human intervention if plugged into the auto-pilot and on-board sensors.

21 – Transship

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, this revolutionary automated freight forwarding service will simplify your life. Users will realize immediate savings, improved efficiency as well as tracking of each and every shipment. If you find scheduling shipments frustrating, time consuming and expensive, then Transship is here to help you. Will they be forwarded into the program?

Let’s find out together at Selection Days on February 12th!

Stay tuned for the next episodes – the next one’s release date is still a secret, but in your shoes I would make sure to have my eyes peeled on our LinkedIn page on Wednesday 29th January…

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