Welcome back esteemed reader! The gradual unveiling – or “start-up tease” – of the participants to the PortXL 2020 Rotterdam Selection Days continues. Remember that the event will take place at RDM Congres Centrum due to construction works at our usual location – apologies for the inconvenience! Previous episodes one, two & three are here for your viewing pleasure.

Each article will feature 7 of these innovative start-ups & scale-ups and what solutions are they bringing to the table. The companies are arranged in no particular order. Will the industry experts and our corporate partners select them? We will all find out on February 12th – stay tuned!

Remember that if you are part of our ecosystem or wish to be, you can attend the event and contribute in evaluating the start-ups! Get in touch with us via mail and we’ll take care of the rest.

22 – Ambisense

The Irish inventiveness of Ambisense provides solar powered autonomous monitoring system for remote monitoring of environmental parameters. Trust the inhabitants of the emerald isle to come up with a green solution! These monitoring systems upload the data collected on a periodic basis to the cloud, where it is analyzed. The continuous flow of data can be used to setup alerts or downstream processes in case of any dangerous or unwanted behaviour due to emissions of gases. It is used in establishments such as landfills, oil and gas sites, water treatment facilities and other biogas facilities.

23 – Nido Robotics

This Spanish-Chilean scale-up develops automated underwater vehicles for ocean exploration applications. They develop and manufacture Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (robots), used by coastal industries like aquaculture, utilities, shipping, ports and similar to carry out their inspection and maintenance needs in an efficient and safe manner. Our core offerings are the Sibiu Nano and Sibiu Pro, 2 remotely operated vehicles that are super portable and easy to deploy by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The company is also developing a 3rd completely autonomous robot than can be permanently installed on windfarms, oil and gas fields and similar long-term offshore operations.

24 – Alai Labs

Hailing from Singapore, Alai Labs specialize in industrial grade wireless sensor module design and data collection. They use this expertise to track movable asset (crane -3axis / location and Truck location & speed), power usage monitoring and control. In a world that is increasingly digitalised, these cloud-based data analytics can be of great help to optimize operations around the port and for predictive maintenance.

25 – Urban Electric Power

A large scale energy storage system based on Zinc-Manganese Oxide chemistry is being developed in the USA. The technology claims to have a 2-8 hours charge/discharge capabilities and high energy density. The UEP technology concept was originally funded under the competitive Department Of Energy ARPA-E GRIDS program in 2009 and was based on research being conducted at the CUNY Energy Institute. The company is currently scaling up production with a pilot manufacturing and by investing into further acronyms ASAP.

26 – SINAY Maritime Data Platform

In 2008 Frenchman Yanis Souami founded SINAY, firstly with the mission to showcase his unparalleled originality in naming companies and secondly to support blue growth and ocean conservation with a Maritime Data Platform. The services offered cover the acquisition of marine data, the analysis of impacts and risks up to a ‘turnkey’​ platform and a web interface to easily visualize your performance indicators.

27 – SMRT Projects

Focusing on the manufacturing and construction industry, this friendly neighbourhood scale-up (Papendrecht-based, it’s close enough to Rotterdam) provides tailor-made solutions that allow you to keep track of key assets in your projects and operational processes, report on the progress of key operational activities and processes in a project, and manage and control inventories in a very flexible – or SMaRT way.

28 – Sympower

Sym- comes from the Ancient Greek word σύν meaning “with”, or “together”. It is the root of words such as symphony, sympathy and symbiosis. Sympower orchestrates electricity consumption and production. The Dutchmen wish to create a cleaner and more sustainable energy system by reducing the need for fossil fuels through synchronising energy consumption with renewable resources. Their role is to offer innovative solutions to grid operators and create value for appliance owners by offering a paid connection to sustainable grid balancing services. Will their pitch be music to the ears of the PortXL corporate partners?

Let’s find out together at Selection Days on February 12th!

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